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Tuesday 30th
1:30pm to 3:00pm
Apr 9
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It is mid-August when I am writing this article and I feel excited to share what I have observed so far in this month. As every year, in mid-August there are clear signs that the summer season is coming to an end. But our attitude this year towards its ending is rather different, I observe. In previous years, by this time in August I would often hear sad comments such as, ‘our summer is over’, ‘Where did the summer go?’, ‘We...

Aug 9

Mini Music Picnic - Moved to Old Church Schools

The picnic fun will still continue in the Old Church Schools (opposite library gardens, next to De Stefano car garage). 

We will have an indoor picnic, games, craft and treasure hunts.  If the weather brightens up, we can still go in the garden.

Hope to see you there 12-2pm!