The Churchyard

The Churchyard

St Mary’s has a very extensive churchyard, principally on the northern side of the church.  On the south side by the vestries there is a yew tree reputed to be 1300 years old. There is a certification in the church porch signed by botanist David Bellamy.

Within this peaceful and beautiful setting there are many interesting graves and memorials. A major memorial in the churchyard is that of the Hambro family who from 1880 to 1927 owned Hayes Place, which was demolished in 1933. The original memorial of 1906 was restored by the Hambro family in 1991.

War Memorial

The War Memorial was dedicated on 1 January 1921 and the names from World War II were added in 1950. In 1990 it was renovated by public subscription. The oak bench against the west wall was installed at the time of the erection of the War Memorial.

Near this bench, is the stone of John Panis, a Native American boy who probably served William Pitt and died on 14 January 1763, aged nine years. Next to this is a memorial to John Morris, a servant of William Hayter, who died in 1749 and is described as an ‘honest Welshman’.

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