We attended the Youth and Families summer BBQ, at the church on Sunday 11th June and what a lovely time we all had.  It was a beautiful sunny day but I have to say my family and I have attended these events in the rain and still come away with a nice warm feeling from such lovely company and atmosphere.

We have attended Fresh Start and Mini Music since our three-year-old was a few weeks old. I remember walking in that first time to friendly faces and someone offered to cuddle my baby for a minute so I could drink my cup of tea with two hands. I've never forgotten that, and that is how we find every event at the church, full of warm and friendly people.

We arrived on Sunday at Napo's beautiful garden to find a wonderful gathering of people, all ages, some standing, some sitting on blankets and some on chairs, the delicious smell of barbecue, with well-known faces handing out hotdogs, burgers, healthy side dishes and drinks. Children were playing in little groups in the background; our son quickly ran off to play football with Napo and another little girl. We stayed two hours, chatted to people we had met before and to people we hadn't met before; we sat in the sun, ran around the garden with the children and sang happy birthday to Napo. Apparently there were approximately 70 people there - now I’m not saying our three-year-old and one-year-old high-fived every one of those on the way out, but they had a good go! What a really lovely event.

Nicola Bulley